“Freutägliches” – joyous everyday things ayaka daimon illustration solo exhibition

“Freutägliches” — joyous everyday things
ayaka daimon illustration solo exhibition

18th – 26th May 2018
closed: Sun, Mon(Pfingstmontag)
*opening party:
Fri, 18th May 18:00-21:00

ayaka daimon

From ayaka
I will have my solo exhibition on 18th till 26th May at sowale, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.
Just a year ago, I had my very first solo exhibition at sowale.
I am happy that I can have a great opportunity to work with them again for an exhibition.

The title of this exhibition is „Freutägliches“. This word is actually a made-up word in German.
“Freude”: pleasure + “Alltägliches”:everyday things = „Freutägliches“
It may be called “joyous everyday things” in English.

One and a half years have already passed since I had moved to Berlin.
And I got used to living in Berlin and I am really satisfied about the life.
Why can I feel at ease even though I live in another country?
– Because I have many „Freutägliches“ in my daily life.
Through my Illustrations, I would like to exhibit a collection of my „Freutägliches“.

*My friends helped me a lot with the title of this exhibition.
Thanks again!

My new postcards, other items and moreover the original illustrations are going to be available.
I am looking forward to seeing you! :)