Cotomono Exhibition

Cotomono Exhibition
at sowale in BERLIN
“The Stargazer’s Bag”

December 1st – 7th. 2017

Opening Party
Friday. December 1st

about cotomono
Motoco Imamura (Bag Maker) born in 1974,living in Fukuoka,Japan.
She started exhibiting her bags in 2008 various design-shops and art-space in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu, and overseas.
Her given name is Motoco. Morocco -〉read upside down = cotomo. cotomo + no = cotomono

In Japanese, the meaning of〈coto〉is individual, piece and〈mono〉is whole. She handcrafts all her bags from design to production. She selects her cloths carefully and make original pieces using the technique of silkscreen printing. She is particular about color, form and usability. However, bag making is not a purpose for her. It is a method.

A method to meet people. Her bags give her the possibility to an encounter. It is her method to move herself. A beautiful thing grows up a beautiful mind. In a beautiful mind grows peace. Therefore she wants to create a beautiful thing. Her ming moves her hands. It is her attitude.